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Payton Bias, President of Assured AC and Heating Solutions, LLC, has been working in the AC and heating field for more than 10 years. As a “born and raised” Arizonan, he is very well acquainted with the cooling and heating needs of homeowners in the Valley of the Sun. Over the years, he and his employees have established excellent relationships with suppliers, customers, and the Phoenix valley community.
Assured AC is a “low pressure” company offering solutions to the needs of customers. Our technicians are Master Indoor Air Quality Specialists and have given presentations for air quality and health seminars.

Mission Statement

Assured AC wants customers to “Rest Assured” that our quality of customer service and workmanship are exceptional. All of our Preventive Maintenance programs include a “Rest Assured Program” in which we warranty – for the life of the program – any and all parts we install during the maintenance agreement. This is in addition to the manufacturer warranty of those parts.

  • We provide one-on-one service and the highest level of accountability.
  • All customers receive “Red Carpet Service”. We respect your property.
  • We complete a “Root Cause Analysis” to determine underlying problems and provide a detailed estimate covering the best options and solutions.
  • Our service technicians are background checked and drug tested.
  • We are not a high-pressure sales company.







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While we can really do pretty much ANYTHING in the HVAC Industry, here are a few services to jog your memory of what you might need…

| AC Repair |

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In Arizona, when it is hot…you have to have an AC. You have no other option. Well, what if you have an AC but it just ain’t working? Then you need an AC repairman. You can rest Assured that we will be able to fix your problems in a timely manner to help save you sweat collecting on your brow.

| Preventive Maintenance |

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An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” It’s important to keep things running smoothly and avoid the expensive cost of a breakdown. The best way to do this is to have a Preventive Maintenance plan in place. Our plans offer the best quality for the best price. (FREE for one year!) Contact us today to find out more.

| AC Installation |

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Whether you are building a new home or need a new AC, we have different plans and options to ensure that you will be well taken care of. Contact us today!




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“Oh, I just had it topped off last year.” We hear this a lot from customers referring to the refrigerant levels in their system. But what most people don’t understand is that, the AC unit is a sealed system and should never need a “top-off”. Needing additional refrigerant often is an indication of a possible leak in the system. Constantly adding refrigerant as a “band-aid” for this problem is a poor solution. In this case, the system will run more and more inefficiently leading to high energy bills and costly system breakdown. We use state-of-the-art leak detection equipment to identify and isolate the source of the leak. Many times the solution is simple and inexpensive. Contact us today with your questions regarding System Leak Detection.


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Imagine dollar bills flying out of your attic into thin air. We have found that 70% of the homes we service were leaking cold air right into their attic. This will cause your AC system to run much longer and lead to high energy costs and extremely inefficient cooling of your home. Maybe your house is dusty or you have respiratory problems. Your duct system may be the cause. Many times, respiratory health issues can be directly attributed to dirty/dusty duct systems. Dust, fungi, molds, and other microbial growth can be transmitted through the air stream in your ducts. We offer duct cleaning solutions with state-of-the-art negative air and rotary brush machines designed for all types of ducts. Our cleaning solutions include sealing breaches in the duct system, scouring the entire system, and antimicrobial fogging agents. Contact us today for more information!


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In the Valley of the Sun we don’t often think about heating. One thing we hear a lot from home owners is “I don’t ever use my heater.” Yet temperatures during October through March have average lows in the 40’s. Even though our season for using a heater is significantly less severe than other parts of the country, we often receive the same number of service calls for heaters in the winter as we do for AC repairs in the summer. Whether you have a furnace, ductless mini-split, heat pump, radiant heat or any other type of system, call us for more information regarding your heating needs.


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Indoor air pollution is a major problem in the Phoenix Valley area. It often contributes to respiratory illnesses. (See “The Windy Day” on our Tips page.) Indoor Air Quality can be affected by animal fur and dander, dust, dust mites, mold spores, building materials, chemicals, microbes, etc. We offer a wide range of Air Quality control devices to assist in minimizing (many times eliminating!) the effects of these contaminants. Call us today for more information.

” Being in the construction industry I was very impressed with Payton’s knowledge and professionalism. When my AC went out he came to my house on a holiday before a long weekend in the middle of July. He explained everything very well and fixed my AC on the spot for an extremely fair price. Saved my family the cost of a weekend in a hotel! I won’t be looking anywhere else for AC service. “

|  David Curtiss  |



I have been a Realtor in the valley since 1998 and Assured A/C is hands down the best HVAC company I have ever worked with. The owners are honest, knowledgeable, professional and urgent to respond to any need. I have used them personally on my own home and is the only company I will recommend to my clients buying and/or selling a home. I have known the family that runs this business for a very long time and their integrity is unmatched.

| Joanna Olcott |



I would like to share my experience that happened a year ago. My A/C finally quit after 30 years and I was looking for an A/C company. After talking with three separate A/C companies and still
not sure about a selection I called Joanna, my daughter, and explained the problem. She has always found the best people to call in any situation so I said I would give Assured a call.
As soon as Chad started talking and telling me every aspect of what needed to be done I was
absolutely positive he would be the one. The company proved to be amazing. There is quite a bit
of detail in replacing the old A/C unit and in my case reaching my roof was a huge challenge. They handled every step with ease and confidence. Yes, they are sincere, honest and most of all at a very reasonable cost. Now THAT made me even happier.

| Ann |



These guys are The Best! I would recommend them to all my friends and family!

| Brian |



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